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Customised solutions for the power industry

Fortafric consulting is an established consultancy working across Nigeria, Providing expertise to the power industry. Our pragmatic team provide innovative solutions across the entire spectrum of power generation, delivery and utilization to our clients  

We offer a comprehensive suite of engineering, consultancy and project management services ranging from concept to commissioning for power generation of all types, sizes and technology.

Our in-house expertise in power generation projects, use of the latest high-end technologies and a large workforce of experienced technical experts and specialists has helped us develop high-performance solutions optimizing clients’ investments and profits.

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We help utilities and energy companies overcome the challenges of a rapidly changing industry by providing independent consulting and engineering solutions that allow them to innovate and thrive.

The underlying philosophy of Fortafric Consulting is to leverage connections with research institutions and leading consulting firms around the world to provide a wide-range of engineering services to clients.

Our business is primed to support the realization of a sustainable Nigerian society. By combining optimal methods from among a wide range of means including surveys, analysis and evaluation, simulations and risk assessment, we aim to provide technological consulting services for a wide range of themes in the fields of energy and the environment.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) has extensive interest in the power and gas industry of the Nigerian economy. Fortafric Consulting intends to strategically support NNPC in its realization of building thermal power plants in three states in Northern Nigeria.

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